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Yiwu Pantyhose brands appear in 2022 Shanghai Hosiery Purchasing Expo, leading the development of Pantyhose market.


    With the improvement of people’s living standards, the pursuit of personalized and comfortable wearing products is a market-driven demand. As a segment market in the fashion field, socks has gradually show people its uniqueness and diversity in recent years, especially silk stockings, which have attracted more and more attention. Silk stockings not only add charm to women, but also play the role of cold protection and trend leading.




    After years of industry development, China has already formed numbers of hosiery industry clusters, including Zhuji Datang, Zhejiang Yiwu, Zhejiang Haining, Jilin Liaoyuan,etc. According to the data, Yiwu, which has the world’s largest small commodity trading market, has more than 70 thousands employees in the sock industry, with an an annual output of 8 billion pairs of socks and an annual GDP of 8.5 billion yuan, which accounting for about 30% of the country. Rely on the special track of silk stockings, Yiwu is assured of it place in the domestic and even global sock manufacturing base.




    At the same time,launch products and promote brand on the influential nationally and internationally exhibition platforms can definitely attracting the traffic for enterprises. The 17th Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo, which organized by ITE Asia Exhibition Co., Ltd,Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd, and Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd and supported by Zhuji socks industry association, Haining socks industry association, and Yiwu socks industry association, etc, will grandly hold in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from March 16 to 18,2022. As an annual industry event and commerce platform with great influences and scale among hosiery industry, it is undoubtedly the best promotion channel for enterprises.




    After experiencing the impact of Covid-19, enterprises in the field of silk stockings are the first one that have adjusted their business direction. They not only established their own brands for the domestic market but also launched a variety of popular products for the domestic market, such as “pineapple socks” and “nightclub socks”. So far, this exhibition has gathered many excellent sock enterprises in Yiwu, such as Manzi socks, Lida knitting, Dayu socks, Saier knitting, Zhejiang Yongchun, Xila knitting, Nanji knitting, Jinchun knitting, Liye socks, Zhaoyu knitting, Xiluo clothing, Hongling knitting, Huabang clothing, Chuangcai textile, Siting clothing, Longguang clothing, Yiwu rain silk, Yiwu Jiayi, and etc. At the three-day exhibition site, they will bring a full range of silk stockings and other products in the hosiery industry, including socks, medium tube socks, stockings, knee length socks, pantyhose, suspender socks, etc., to form a unique landscape at the exhibition site.




    In addition, the exhibition will cooperate with co-located exhibition - “The 4th Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo”, “The 5th Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves Expo”, and “The 5th Shanghai International Fashion Accessories Expo”to be hold at the same time. The audiences and channels will be interconnected to jointly create a complete industry chain platform, which integrating personal clothes and clothing accessories. This three-day event will have a total exhibition scale of 50 thousands square meters. A total of 800 exhibitors and about 30000 visitors will enjoy the latest trend and wearing collocation of silk stockings, and bring you an industry feast! To grasp business opportunities and get cutting-edge information, you can visit the official website of the exhibition: www.chpe.com.cn




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